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Not UK or Sports but Amazing

Every once in a while technology hits a home run with little things. Just my opinion but Google knocked the leather off the ball and sent the core into orbit.

I laud Google for the addition of World Heritage Sites and other notable locations to Streetview. I respect the shrines and such for great achievements in mankind's past but viewing them on Streetview held limited appeal for me. Even exploring Mount Everest quickly gets boring.  I appreciate engineering feats, the scale and the detail exhibited in these sites brought to our computer but after about 10 minutes I'm done.

This post would have been up sooner but I just killed a bunch of time on Google's newest Streetview - "Miniatur Wunderland". I'd never heard of it but Miniatur Wunderland is a 15 year creation of model trains running through various scenes (airport, America, Austria, etc.). Nine mile of track and incredible detail has this model train enthusiast wanting to go to Germany.

Set aside some time and start here.

Now back to UK and sports.