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... Just Watch!

UK's alumni drumline goes Uptown Funk!

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It Will Get Done Here

The Why Kentucky? Why Not video that was shown at halftime of the Super Bowl. Is it Signing Day yet?

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Kentucky Wildcats Top Ten Clutch Plays

Need to feel the thrill? Six minutes of your time will bring it. Note: I'm not sure why he added the babes, I think it would have been better with just #1. Regardless, enjoy the ride.

Coach Cal Slams the NCAA and the US Government

John Calipari has his swag back thanks to this promising group of youngsters he has as a basketball team. Watch as he lays into the NCAA and the United States Government in an interview with KSTV.

Randle One-On-One

Julius Randle talks to Ryan Lemond about his game, his teammates, and much more.

The Sixth Man

This is going to be good - a movie dedicated to the Kentucky basketball fan.

Mark Stoops Talks About Louisville Loss

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops' post-game comments.

Welcome To The New Age

Time to get ready for liftoff in what is likely to be a historic basketball season.

Nerlens Speaks To Stephen A. and Skip Bayless

Nerlens Noel talks about his injury, rehab, and motivation to ESPN.

A Closer Look At John Calipari's Recent Interview

We take a look at some of Coach Cal's comments during a recent lengthy interview with WKYT.

Excitement! Then, the head takes over.

Kentucky's marketing department just keeps killing it on the promotional videos.

Stoops Talks Kentucky Football at SEC Media Days

Mark Stoops speaks at SEC Media Days and does himself, and UK, proud.

T.V. Williams Talks Kentucky

T.V. Williams may be small, but he has a big heart and big speed.

Rocking Through The Big Blue Years

This video is usually shown at halftime of Kentucky games in Rupp Arena, but summertime is always a good time to be reminded of what's to come.

Julius Randle: Lessons In Domination

Julius Randle demonstrates why, and how, he dominates his opponents.

James Young Shows His Skill

This is a new mix tape of James Young, and it tells us a tiny bit about his game.

Quit Yer Whinin'. Here's A Football Binky For Ya

Coach Stoops talks about the first day of practice.

Bluegrass Kingdom: The Trailer

Here is the official trailer for the new TruTV documentary about the Kentucky Wildcats.

Featured Fanshot

Tricky-Tricky (Hear the Fishy-Fishy Jingle)

Ten minutes of fun football is about all I can say about this video. Because who doesn't love watching trick plays? Presenting the top ten college football trick plays ... and nobody got hurt.

How ACLs Are Mended These Days

This is an excellent, and fortunately non-gory video that explains how an ACL reconstruction is done. It is informative, it uses 3D graphics and not pictures of a real, live knee so you don't have to worry about watching something revolting. This i

Karl Towns Gets It Done

This video shows off some of Karl Towns Jr.'s basketball skills.

Phillips Speaks To The Media

Outgoing head football coach Joker Phillips met with the press today to discuss the end of his tenure at UK.

All-Access Preview: "We Don't Play Showtime."

A preview of ESPN's All-Access tonight, showing part of Kentucky's first practice.

John Calipari's Video Recruiting Pitch

This is the video that John Calipari shows to recruits as recorded during Big Blue Madness

Meet The Harrisons

New ESPN video featuring Aaron and Andrew Harrison.

Video: See UK Football During Better Times

Football has had better times. This video shows a bunch of them.


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