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Is the SEC recruiting teams from cancelled conferences to play in SEC this fall?

Are we on our way to a super conference?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 07 SEC Championship Game Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The news has broken the the Big 10 is cancelling the all football season. Many believe this is the first domino that will fall in the line of all Power 5 conferences calling it quits. However, a new report suggests that not only will the SEC stand firm, but that SEC officials are courting teams from other Power 5 conferences to play in the conference this fall.

Dan Patrick broke the story on his show Monday morning, citing a source that said, “The Big Ten and Pac-12 will cancel their football seasons tomorrow. The ACC and Big 12 are on the fence. The SEC is trying to get a delay to have teams join them. The SEC is looking at exclusive TV contracts. They’re trying to buy time to see if the ACC or Big 12 will go along with them.”

The source claimed to know the exact count of the Big 10 vote to cancel the season with only Nebraska and Iowa opposing the motion and losing 12-2. The Pac-12 is allegedly the next up to make the cancellation announcement.

The SEC has always considered itself on a different level than other conferences on the field, but does that really mean they would play through a pandemic when nobody else does?

“The SEC looks at themselves...they’re different,” Patrick’s source said. “They’re different than any other school, any other conference, and they are approaching it that way.”

Patrick was very intrigued at the idea of major programs from across the country joining the SEC. He said, “If you can get Texas and Oklahoma from the Big 12 and they’re going to join you in the SEC, you’ve got a super conference.”

It is unclear if there has been any communication between SEC officials and schools from other conferences, but the thought of bringing the likes of Oklahoma, Ohio State, and even Clemson into the fold is very exciting.

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