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WATCH Rupp Arena, UK bench erupt as Brad Calipari hits 3-ball vs Missouri

John Calipari was one proud dad.

When Brad Calipari plays, something has either gone wrong for Kentucky, or things are going great.

We’ve actually seen the youngest Calipari for brief stretches in games this season, though it was almost always due to foul trouble and injuries limiting the rotation.

Against Missouri, Brad checked in when the Wildcats had thoroughly dominated en route to an 87-66 win.

But Brad made a three-pointer in the closing minute that gave UK a 21-point revenge win over Missouri, and i also had Rupp Arena rocking.

Calipari even mentioned it during the postgame press conference.

“How about Brad’s three by the way? He missed the first one. I told him, you shoot this next one. You shoot it, you hear me. He started laughing. Happy for him though.”

During the postgame interview with Tom Leach, Calipari even said “My wife kissed me. She hasn’t kissed me in month.”

Poor coach, but at least all of the Calipari’s were happy on this night, as with the rest of the Big Blue Nation.

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