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Mike Anderson tripped Kevin Knox during Kentucky Wildcats’ win over Arkansas

Did Mike Anderson pull a Grayson Allen?

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Kentucky vs Arkansas Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in the fun of Tuesday’s demolition of Arkansas was a possible Grayson Allen moment by Mike Anderson.

The Arkansas head coach appeared to trip Kentucky forward Kevin Knox during the first half of what turned into a 87-72 demolition of the Hogs, as KSR pointed out.

The play in question comes midway through the half as Kentucky is on the fast break with Knox running down the sideline. As he’s doing this, Anderson is in the coaches box but is still slightly on the court, and it appears Knox trips over Anderson’s foot.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Shawn Smith:

I don’t think it was intentional by any means, but something should have been called on Anderson for being too far out on the court. It will be interesting to see if the SEC issues a statement on the incident.

Thankfully, Knox wasn’t hurt on the play, and he wound up scoring a team-high 23 points to lead Kentucky to a huge road win.