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A Spiritual Cleansing...Preparing for the Badgers

A Spiritual Cleansing to Prepare BBN for the Badgers.

Oh No You Didn't!

It's A Sea of Blue's Caption Corner time.

I Can't Look

Let's all play Caption Corner.

My Wife Calls it Strawberry Blond, Bobby.

Let's finally play Caption Corner again!

She Sells Sea Shells

Say that three times fast, then let's play Caption Corner, A Sea of Blue style.

In a Far, Far Away Land

It's Caption Corner Time and you know the Ol' Ball Coach always has something to say.

Hand Jive

Let's play the Caption Corner basketball style.

Chit, Chat ... I Was Taking a Bath

Yes, the Caption Corner if finally back!

Will The Real Big Blue Nation Please Stand Up?

That's right. I am calling you out Kentucky fans. Show me how big and bad you all are. I am beginning to doubt you have the right stuff in you for this battle.

Featured Fanshot

Spiderman Got Game!

I wonder if John Calipari is recruiting this guy? Looks like a slam-dunk for a point guard to me!

This Means ...

The Caption Corner fun continues.

Did You See That?

It's finally Caption Corner time again, lads and lassies.

What, Me Worry?

Mark looks worried, Nick looks confident, sort of.

Did You Know ...?

Another installment for the A Sea of Blue Caption Corner.

Kentucky Vs. Louisville: May It Never End

Let's start the rhetoric early this year, shall we?

Caption This!

The Caption Corner is fun.

What Are They Thinking?

Another installment of the Kentucky Wildcats Caption Corner. This time we pay tribute to the 2013 College Basketball National Champs ... sort of.

They Said What?

Introducing A Sea of Blue Caption Corner.

We've Been Here Before

A look back at a post championship year, with the future.

Taking The Bite Out Of The Dawgs

Some suggestions about how we might manage to take out the Georgia Bulldogs tomorrow in Commonwealth Stadium.

A few thngs we could hate about the razorbacks

Just a few things we could dislike about Arkansas if we weren't such nice people.

Want the scoop on Kentucky's secrets? We can help

Will ESPN's All-Access to Kentucky basketball expose Calipari's secrets? Why wait? A Sea of Blue already has the answers.