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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Andre' Woodson Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Bat Cats, softball both fall to rivals. Women's golf in NCAA regional. More.

Joey Foley/Getty Images

Former UK quarterback Andre’ Woodson:

What a great looking family!

Tweet of the Morning

Exactly right, and of course, Forde gets it exactly wrong, because you know, Calipari:

This is not breaking news, but the one-and-done basketball matriculation from the NCAA to the NBA is the bigger academic sham. Passing 12 credit hours of Intro to Breathing, not declaring a major and not entering into an advanced curriculum before leaving school is a clear refutation of the academic mission.

What is a sham is Forde’s relentless, deliberate, almost insensate desire to be obtuse about this subject. Everybody knows that one-and-done players have to perform two full semesters. Hey Pat, I know we went to school a long time ago, but a full time student is still more than six hours. So at least get your facts right. If one-and-done’s leave in bad academic standing, it kills the school’s APR, which is why coaches insist they finish both semesters in good standing. Which means they must finish with at least 24 credit hours.

Get a clue, you hidebound jackanape. You and Pete Thamel should start the Church of the One True Education, and make Bob Knight your high priest.

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