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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Keeneland Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Softball loses at Tennessee. Vanderbilt bests Bat Cats in series 2-1. More

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Keeneland drew a crowd of over 21,000 for a horse race (the Kentucky Derby) that wasn’t even being run there. Amazing.

Tweet of the Morning

Lobotomy, more likely. But I guess that counts.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky basketball
  • Now, this is interesting. Matt Jones is suggesting that the "platoon" system was used against Kentucky to great effect in this most recent recruiting class. I really don’t know enough about the situation to gainsay him, so I’ll say that the reasoning he offers does make some sense.

    This is one of those things that makes last season more painful than it already is, and it has, if we accept Matt’s reasoning, boomeranged to hurt the Wildcats for next season as much as it helped this season. The good news is that it’s unlikely ever to be repeated, but if things fall just the wrong way, it could leave Kentucky with an underpowered team next season.

    But just so you know, I’m not quite convinced that this is actually right.  I think that opposing coaches did try to leverage the platoon thing, but I think also that this was just one of those years, something like 2013, where a lot of things worked against Kentucky. UK was just so in-your-face all year that it’s possible recruits other than just Jaylen Brown were uncomfortable with the attention. There was never a moment when UK wasn’t scrutinized, analyzed, and SportsCentered to an endless degree. I’m not sure that wasn’t more of a negative than we might think.

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