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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Scripps National Spelling Bee Edition

We have a Spelling Bee Champion(s), Kentucky basketball has new permanent opponents in the SEC, Coach Cal calls out the refs, and more!

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Scripps National Spelling Bee has become a national sensation. So much so that it is aired on ESPN every season. Yes, this is somewhat of a dead period in sports as there is still almost a week to go before the NBA Finals begin and baseball is, well it's baseball in May, but the Spelling Bee has captured the nation's attention and it's fun to watch.

For a second straight year, co-champions were crowned. Gokul Venkatachalam, 14, and Vanya Shivashankar, 13 were both named as the best spellers in the USA. I watched Vanya on Lifetime's Child Genius show, which she also won.

Now, to the other sports news!

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"Here's what the question will be: How long will they keep calling the fouls?" Calipari said. "Two years ago, we started this and then no one had the stomach for it. The teams that advanced in the NCAA Tournament that year fouled on every possession. So then we all — me included — went back to football practice. ‘That's it. Put helmets on. Let's go. That stuff was a bunch of BS.' And by the end of the year, that's how we played and basically made it to the Final Four playing football."
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