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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Calipari Angst Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Women's tennis upsets #12 OSU in NCAA's. Volleyball inks top 15 recruit. More.

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This produced a reaction:

John Calipari really knows how to troll the Big Blue Nation. As you might expect, the "Why are they not institutionalized?" wing of the BBN responded with all manner of bizarre, pedantic, and self-centered doggerel, suckered along by Duke, Louisville and other twidiots who love to hate Calipari and of course, the ever-clueless Rick Bozich.

Sheesh, people, quit taking yourselves so seriously and imagining that the universe revolves around you. If what Calipari says bothers you, you don’t get it and you’ve closed your mind. That’s fine by me, but don’t mess it up for those of us with an active, uncalcified intellect.

And for God’s sake, stop listening to Coach Cal. Even when he’s talking to you, he’s not talking to you. You shouldn’t need a map, a GPS, and a tour guide to figure that out by now.

If you’re still upset after reading that, read this over at Lost Letterman and laugh (hopefully at yourself).

Tweet of the Morning

I like this guy.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Kentucky’s non-conference slate loaded with star attractions. Yep, but only one at Rupp Arena, and that’s going to chafe some season ticket holders.

  • Can you say, "Dutch Uncle," ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation?

    1. JOHN CALIPARI (Kentucky): His stock is at an all-time high and he’s enjoying the spotlight. Calipari’s name has been linked to the New Orleans Pelicans job, but he firmly stated that he’s happy at Kentucky after agreeing to another contract extension. He’s a smart guy - all this helps recruiting. High school recruits see his name linked to a pro job and his long-term security at Kentucky, as well as the abundance of pros he’s turning out and it helps his recruiting pitch all the more. Any kid he recruits, he’s automatically right at the top of the list. A good salesman.

    I knew you could.

  • Arizona State’s House of Sparky talks about the game against Kentucky next season.

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