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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickes: Sucker Punch To The Head Edition

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I saw this yesterday, but didn’t have time to write about it. It seems that the fight involving Drew Barker, Tymere DuBose and Dorian Baker was very much provoked by Eastern Kentucky students. Not only that, there was an affair later that night when a separate EKU player committed assault and battery on Barker, knocking him to the ground in a vicious sucker-punch from behind.

The brutality of the second assault cries out for charges. Barker could’ve been seriously injured, even killed. This sort of behavior is intolerable, cowardly, and cannot be allowed to escape legal action. I have never personally witnessed a more reckless and dangerous unarmed assault on another person. It is truly frightening.

Here are the two videos. The first is in the bar where EKU player Colton Scurry clearly provokes a fight, and comes out the worse for wear:

The second is the much more egregious sucker punch by EKU defensive lineman Patrick Graffree:

I can’t imagine such an assault being disregarded by the authorities. This isn’t a bar fight, it is apparently an unprovoked assault and battery. How can a grand jury ignore this evidence? How can the police ignore it?

Hat tip: CBS Sports

SB Nation has more here.

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