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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Sweet Sixteen Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky to face WVU tonight for Elite Eight berth. Bat Cats beat Morehead. More

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It’s game day, and tonight’s foe is the West Virginia Mountaineers. They seem confident enough. Let’s see if that works out better for them than the other 36 victims foes.

Tweet of the Morning

I could look at these all day.

Your Quickies:

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  • More hate to embrace. God, I love it!

  • Rick Bozich gives us his excuse why he voted for Tony Bennett over John Calipari. It’s predictably lame, and quite honestly, nobody should believe him. He avers that at the end of the regular season, Calipari deserved it less than Bennett. How he can come to that conclusion then and not now is absurd.

    Think about it — The only difference between now and then is maybe seven more games, and he’s trying to tell us that being 31-0 was not enough. That getting all these five stars to play like a mid-major team of juniors and seniors wasn’t enough. That the fact that he could assemble a team like this was not enough. The fact that he took this team and was #1 from day one to season’s end without a single hiccup was not enough.

    Not buying it. It’s a facile, easy excuse that doesn’t add up.

  • Is there anything, anywhere, (Note by the use of "anything" that I’m not limiting only to people, but also to animals, inanimate objects, and even cat videos) any more pathetic than Clay Travis? The guy spends his time being an outright jerk, and calls other people "dumb."

    I’m not linking his trash, I’m sure you have seen it or can find it if you’re Google-foo is at a third-grade level or above, and you’re into masochism — or just enjoy marveling at the personification of a wretched, contemptible, self-important, unfunny douchenozzle. And such a young guy. What a waste of human life.

  • Now, the New York Times takes it’s turn to write trash despising Coach Cal. Why do I say this? Spot the error. You know you can:

    Coach Calipari has proved admirably consistent. At Memphis, he reeled in Derrick Rose, a wondrously talented point guard. Rose, it turned out, passed his SAT because someone else took the test for him.

    Judge, jury, and executioner. So typical. They don’t bother to point out that neither the testing service nor the NCAA ever said someone else took the test. The testing service just said that they couldn’t say with confidence it was not taken by someone else, and invalidated the results. The NCAA declared Rose was ineligible by reason of that invalidation, having nothing at all to say about the circumstances surrounding the test. But if you didn’t know that, you’ll not find it in this article.

    Embrace the hate. Hat tip: BigBlueCoop

  • Q&A with KSR and The Smoking Musket. We also have one going on in a separate thread.

  • The New York Post tries to make it personal with UK and WVU.


  • More Post. Huggins "owns" Calipari. Muckrakers.

  • Eight reasons Coach Cal needs to return to the NBA. Well, if he does, he’ll be abdicating his own self-stated reasons for being at Kentucky to begin with — helping young men reach their dreams. That’s the one reason I think he’ll stay — all the reasons the article gives are all about him, and he’s all about his charges, not himself.

  • Some former Vegas oddsmaker claims UK would be an underdog against … well, apparently, just about every great team of the past 30 years. Is there any more stupid and futile activity in the known universe than this?

  • End of the road tonight for Kentucky? Nope. There, saved you a click.

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