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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: SEC Tournament Day 1 Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Bat Cats travel to Cincy today. Softball plays EKU. Women's T&F ranked #3. More.

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The SEC Tournament kicks off today. You can find the bracket here.

The Dagger over at Yahoo says that Arkansas got the best draw, and the Florida Gators got the worst — first Alabama, and then Kentucky if they get past the Tide.

Looks like UK may get a chance to repay the Gators in full for last season.

Tweet of the Morning

Amazing, indeed.

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  • The 12 most luxurious all-inclusive resorts in the world. I'm loving the look of Spice Island in Grenada. Looks like a worthy spot.

  • Seven floating destinations that are so much better than a cruise. Wow, pretty neat, but I'm not sure they're better than a cruise.

  • It's not just for the Osprey anymore: Tiltrotor aircraft are coming for civilian usage.

  • The University of Oklahoma tries to make the students involved in the racist chant sympathetic figures by expelling some of them in direct violation of the First Amendment and their due process rights.

    God knows that these young men deserve consequences, and they are going to get some. But Oklahoma's president has jumped the constitutional shark here and did so with apparently flagrant disregard for the supreme law of the land. That's not a good example to be setting for the young people under his charge. If the students sue, Oklahoma will almost certainly lose huge, and it's as close to a slam dunk as there can ever be in the legal world.

    Great job, President Boren. You just responded to an indefensible act of racial bigotry with an indefensible act of administrative malpractice. My friend Jack Marshall has it exactly right:

    Which is the greater ethics breach: the students abusing their First Amendment rights, or the University of Oklahoma violating them?

    For me, this is the easiest of questions: the worst ethics breach is the school trampling on free speech, even stupid, offense [sic] free speech by racist frat boys. In the end, their conduct, wrong as it is, is just words. They are boorish, rude, mean-spirited clods, and now that everyone knows, they should be shunned and treated like the pariahs they are by those unfortunate enough to have to share a campus with them.

    There is no "winner" here, everybody loses. The students' conduct was abhorrent, but perfectly legal (just another reminder that legal =/= ethical, if that was actually necessary). Now, OU, who had the high ground, just abdicated it in the most embarrassingly flip and wrongheaded way. Seems our educators could use some educating.