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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Bud Dupree Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Bat Cats take on Cincinnati today. Towns earns SEC Player of the Week, first for UK this season. More.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation sees Bud Dupree going #5 to Washington. Amazing. #5! I think we all thought he could be a first rounder, but #5? Wow, that's just amazing to me. It's clear that the big numbers Bud put up at the NFL combine is likely to pay of huge.

Tweet of the Morning

Craig Sager sighting! Great stuff.

Your Quickies:

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College football
  • Fraternity at Oklahoma has a chant including racially bigoted language caught on tape, and it has now apparently cost them a recruit. The university has severed ties with the fraternity in question, and the national chapter has revoked the charter of the local chapter. Good.

    This will be a problem for Oklahoma for some time to come, not just because of the negative news, but also because of the negative recruiting it allows people to do to them. I personally think it is a great wrong to show a video of a group of misguided young men doing something horrible in order to persuade an athlete not to go to school somewhere, but that is the nature of the world we live in.

  • Mississippi State's Dak Prescott was apparently attacked, along with some teammates, at a concert in Panama City.

College basketball
  • Impressive: BYU's Kyle Collinsworth has as many triple-doubles as Shaquille O'Neil.

  • John Gasaway's Tuesday Truths. Consider:

    Instead something far more interesting than what I predicted would happen happened. Kentucky turned out to be great across the board. We stopped hearing about the moody and inconsistent Harrison brothers, doubtless because UK in addition to all of its other distinctions gave the ball away on just 15 percent of its SEC possessions. Basically all of the things a team brimming with "today’s" elite recruits isn’t supposed to be able to do — taking care of the ball, playing defense, hitting free throws, sharing minutes — Kentucky did.

    Gasaway has the SEC as a five-bid league. I think he's right unless Texas A&M gets to the final, which could happen. The teams below Kentucky are all really close, and Vanderbilt right now is the hottest team in the league outside of Lexington.

  • SEC Tournament preview from ESPN.

  • Rooting guide for SEC fans for Championship Week. Gonzaga is among them, interestingly enough.

Other sports news
  • Randall Cobb was in Morgan Newton's wedding when he got the call about his new contract. That's way cool.

  • Yeah, that guy is pretty good...

Other news