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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Willie Cauley-Stein Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK Rifle faces #1 West Virginia today. Gym Cats beat Mizzou, set season mark. More.

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Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Wilie Cauley-Stein has had a great Kentucky career, and this may be the embodiment of just how good he’s been:

I think he’ll get there, but he does need to get moving. Lately, he’s been very quiet in this area.

Tweets of the Morning

Heh. When Florida isn’t very good, their fans have zero interest in basketball. And:

Seriously, Gator fans? Jealous of being a likely NIT team? Well, unless you manage to beat UK today, I guess. This is pretty much a role reversal from last year, and I like that very, very much.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Interesting:

  • Heh.

  • It’s straight to the dentist to me after seeing this:

  • Trey Lyles will not be playing today:

  • Consider this:

    What concerns Donovan the most about Saturday’s game is Florida’s rebounding. Vanderbilt outrebounded the Gators 42-26 in a 67-61 loss on Tuesday in Nashville, the fourth time in the last five games that UF has lost the battle on the boards. Before that, the Gators had been outrebounded six times in 17 games.

    What concerns me is rebounding as well. Kentucky got thrashed on the boards last game by Georgia even thought the Dawgs’ leading rebounder was on the bench with a concussion.

  • John Calipari is giving attention to autism. Awesome. He does a great job for some really worthy causes.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
  • Interactive map of National Signing Day for the SEC. These things are always pretty cool, and nobody does them better than Good Bull Hunting.

  • The NCAA rule that schools use against recruits, and that they are never going to change.

    I do think this sucks, but only a little. Look, this whole thing about college student-athletes has become one gigantic entitlement issue. Yes, it’s pretty low for a college to bind them to an NLOI before the coach leaves, but in the world of bummers, that’s a pretty weak bummer. If the athletes have a real bone to pick with the new coach, they can always transfer, and sitting out a year is not the end of the world. In any case, they are going to get an education if they want one. Finally, in what universe is the student always entitled to get their way about everything after they choose their school, including personnel decisions?

    For example, academic scholarship students don’t get to leave to follow their favorite teacher if he decides to bail before the semester begins. Sure, they can always decline the scholarship, but that means they likely won’t have on available at the school their teaching crush moves to.

    I think this gets filed under the category, "Sorry about your luck, kid. Welcome to the real world. How do you like it?"

College basketball
Other sports news
  • Chris Paul opens his mouth, and $25,000 flies out.

  • Gordon Hayward welcomes Miles Plumlee to his poster:

  • Anthony Davis hits the shot of the year. This is just more amazing from an amazing player who would be a senior at UK this season. Can you even wrap your head around how great he would be in college basketball right now? I can’t.

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