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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Thunder Over Louisville Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kyle Cody is 3rd string All-American. Devin Booker gets 4th SEC FoW in a row. More.

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The announcement for Thunder over Louisville will happen today at 10:00 AM. It’s always one of the most fun Derby Festival events, and is almost always spectacular.

Tweet of the Morning

This is a great point. You are not entitled to realize your dream. Sometimes, you are dreaming the wrong one.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Malik Newman is planning official visits to several schools, including UK. Interestingly, LSU is also on that list.

  • We mentioned Georgis Papagiannis the other day as a possible UK recruiting target. The 7‘1" center is now drawing more interest from the Wildcats, if this report is to be believed.

  • Georgia hopes to ruin UK’s perfect season. They have been good this year, but the absence of Marcus Thornton is a big negative for them. Losing Trey Lyles for the game hurts Kentucky also, but not nearly as much.

  • Worst playcalls in Kentucky history. Yeah, they are all petty bad, the blocked free throw in particular.

  • Heh. Taylor Swift, is that you? Hat tip: Busting Brackets

  • Calipari’s winning ways can help businesses score. When your coach starts becoming the subject of business articles, you know you have a winner. Consider:

    [Calipari] Keeps 100 percent his promises. Integrity is paramount to players’ parents, key influencers regarding their son’s college choice. If the coach is perceived as unprincipled, recruits look elsewhere.

    [Calipari] Lives "servant leadership." How many bosses have put your best interests before their own? This is Coach Cal’s key teaching tool, showing young men how to care more about others than themselves. One fan notes: "I’ve watched him interact with those suffering with illness or death in their families. In some conference title pictures, there are older ladies brought in as he knew it would brighten their lives after the death of a spouse."

    Just for example. There is more, and you should read it all. The author makes very good points, and he’s right that many of them translate very favorably to business.

  • This is good news, of a sort. But there are no "versions" of strep throat. There is just one cause of strep throat that I am aware of. Perhaps it’s a viral sore throat that looks like strep, o

  • Devin Booker SEC Freshman of the Week for the 4th straight week.

  • UK signee Isaiah Briscoe named to Nike Hoop Summit roster. Several other UK recruits including Ivan Rabb, Stephen Zimmerman and Jaylen Brown were also named to the roster.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • Virginia defeats North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Big win for the ‘Hoos after that tough loss to Duke at home. For the Tar Heels, that’s back-to-back ACC losses, both to second-half comebacks.

  • Gary Parish notes the one vote in the coach’s poll going to Gonzaga:

    Coaches poll: Lots of you requested I write about one coach taking a first-place vote from Kentucky and giving it to Gonzaga, and I could. But that seems so obviously weird, at this point in the season, that calling it wacky sorta goes without saying, doesn’t it?

    Yeah, it really does. I suspect this falls into the "Haters gonna hate" category.

  • SEC basketball coaches tout the strength of the SEC. Yeah, the league is a lot better this season and I think it will be reflected in the post-season.

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