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Kentucky Wildcats Saturday Quickies: Leonard Nimoy Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Bat Cats win extra-inning battle. UK women's tennis upsets #15 Ole Miss. More.

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Leonard Nimoy, the iconic Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame, has died at age 83. This saddens me greatly, it represents the passing of a childhood icon. There has perhaps never been a more thoroughly typecast actor in human history. Nimoy turned that into a positive, and will never be forgotten. His prowess as both an actor and director was extraordinary.

Mr. Spock is making his final journey into the greatest of adventures, one that awaits us all. Godspeed, Mr. Nimoy, you’ll be missed.

Tweet of the Morning

Always a pleasure to be read by the most famous and beautiful Wildcats fan of them all!

Your Quickies:

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  • Arkansas reminds Kenny Payne of Louisville. Yeah, I can see that, in a very general way. But Arkansas has nothing like the half-court defense of Louisville. Not even remotely close.

  • Seth Davis is spot on:

    When I am appointed czar of college basketball (which will happen any day now), I am going to reserve the option of moving the site of a game where conference opponents play just once. Because this game should be played in Bud Walton Arena, where Arkansas is nearly impossible to beat. The Razorbacks have been clearly the second-best team in the SEC this season, which means there is zero chance Kentucky will overlook them.

  • Several people sent me this. It is a really good piece. I take issue with this part, though:

    Towns is a main reason for the University of Kentucky’s undefeated season so far, his quirky personality matching the Wildcats’ 28-0 record and more often than not silencing "Karlito," the imaginary friend who sits on his shoulder.

    Has this guy ever watched Kentucky play? Towns is a piece of the puzzle, but isn’t the "main reason" for anything. This is sports cluelessness, and it’s very hard to defend.

    But I do think Towns would fit with the Lakers, or rather, I’m willing to take his word for it on that — it isn’t like I watch the Lakers play basketball, especially with Julius Randle out.

    Also consider this:

    "Karl is way better than [NBA player Will] Bynum," said Jerry Smith, in his 11th year as the St. Joseph athletic director. "I don’t want to talk negative about [Bynum] but there’s no comparison whatsoever. This kid works, this kid is really the total package. He’s one in a million. Everything I say to you, you won’t believe."

    I think he’s better than Bynum as well. In fact, he may be better than anyone coming into the NBA draft this year, including Jahlil Okafor. Hat tip: uksprinter

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