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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Kevin Stallings Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Hoops wins at Arkansas, breaks losing streak. Softball off to good start. More.

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There was a big brouhaha yesterday when Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings loudly and profanely berated one of his players, Wade Baldwin IV, after a Tennessee assistant notified him that he had done something offensive.

Apparently, after that, Stallings publicly upbraided Baldwin, telling him "I’ll f-ing kill you!" That made SportsCenter, of course, which is were I bumped into the kerfuffle.

Stallings subsequently apologized, Balwin tweeted that it was no biggie, and the world returned to properly revolving around the sun. Here’s the apology from Stallings:

"After the game, an incident occurred in which I need to apologize for," the statement from Stallings read. "One of our players acted inappropriately and violated what we believe is good sportsmanship following the game. In my haste to resolve the situation, I made a very inappropriate comment. While obviously it was not meant literally, it was still inappropriate. I apologized to the player immediately following the game, although displaying good sportsmanship is of the highest priority in our program."

John Calipari can tell you a thing or two about upbraiding players with f-bombs. Kevin Stallings is an outstanding coach, and I suspect this is not characteristic of his player interaction. I am also of the opinion that the player still has some discipline coming for that unsportsmanlike behavior, and maybe Stallings does as well. But overall, I think this is just a minor incident that we can all learn from.

MORE: John Clay — If Kevin Stallings was wrong, he was also right.

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