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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Snowpocalypse Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK recruit Malik Newman down to six. Hoops falls at Tennessee. More.

Snowpocalypse has struck. The picture above is outside my front door.

And we’ve got about eight more hours of snow to go. I hate snow.

Tweet of the Morning

Happy birthday!

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Kentucky signee Isaiah Briscoe takes over in front of Coach Cal. Cheik Diallo also played well. He’s #1 in white. My favorite play is the very last one, where he finishes with his left hand.

  • Kenny Payne has the duty for the Tennessee pregame video conference.

  • The four biggest threats to Kentucky. I think this is mostly right, except I consider Wisconsin a bigger threat than Gonzaga and others a bigger threat than Kansas. The Zags are good, but Wisconsin is unique in their style and they have an overall more athletic team than Gonzaga.

    Duke would have to make a lot of threes to beat Kentucky, and Okafor would find it very tough going against UK’s front line filled with shot-blockers. They also don’t defend for crap and I don’t see how they’d keep UK’s big guards out of the paint.

    Kansas, well, they are pretty good and pretty big. I find myself not worried about them much, because they lack quality point guard play and are a merely good defensive team. They don’t score particularly well from 2-point range, and I don’t have to mention that I don’t think they are 40 points better now than when we beat them.

    I’d be much more concerned about either Virginia (assuming they get Anderson back) or Arizona, who I consider to be overlooked and capable of giving Kentucky trouble.

  • An undefeated season could be worth millions to Kentucky. Yes, it would because it would be historic, and everyone would be looking for a memento of the team. Merchandise sales would go through the roof. Hat tip: Kentucky Sports Radio.

  • An oral history of the Billy Gillispie years. Just too painful for me to read.

  • Anthony Davis helped Willie Cauley-Stein in some recent conversations.

  • Malik Newman has cut his list down to six schools. Ohio State recently got the axe.

  • Congratulations!

Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • Purdue fans can’t understand why second place in the Big Ten doesn’t get more respect. Well, that’s because outside of the Big Ten, Purdue stunk up the joint with losses to Vanderbilt, Gardner Webb and — North Florida?

    Seriously, Purdue fans, your team has to beat somebody and stop losing to teams not in the top 50. Yes, the win over Ohio State was impressive,

  • SEC basketball week in review.

  • Mike DeCourcy demonstrates the stupidity of Big 12’s Bob Bowlsby and Pac 12’s Larry Scott pushing for freshman ineligibility. This is all in response to "one and done," and it’s a typically myopic and unintelligent response. Here’s a money quote:

    To suggest that it’s been bad for college basketball in particular or college athletics in general to have Anthony Davis, John Wall, Kevin Durant and Jahlil Okafor on campus requires one to entirely ignore what fine young men they all are and that all were genuinely engaged with their campuses while in school. Since leaving for the NBA in 2007, Durant has returned a couple of times to the University of Texas for summer classes. If his freshman year at Texas did not inspire him to seek more higher learning, why would he bother?


Other sports news
  • Russell Westbrook is the NBA All-Star Game MVP. I found the game too stupid to watch, they were shooting jumpshots every three seconds. It looked like a shoot-around, and there was not one iota of defense being played. Yes, I get that, and I get why. I just don’t happen to like watching that kind of "basketball."
Other news
  • All major carriers will now "unlock" your cell phone for you. About time, that whole "locking" thing was always stupid.

  • What wedding gifts do you use most/least. The one we use most is unquestionably a clock given to us by my college roommate and the knife block we got from somebody. For 28 years, they have performed admirably, although the knife block itself recently got replaced — we still use the knives, though.

    Least? Well, my guess is that some of those are no longer around, and I have forgotten about them. You?