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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Jameis Winston Draft Announcement Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky escapes Ole Miss in overtime. Women's Track and Field ranked #6 pre-season. More.

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Apparently, Jameis Winston has declared he is entering the 2015 NFL Draft. This doesn’t surprise many people, I think.

Tweet of the Morning

Hypotheticals are just as meaningless when you win as when you lose, but boy, was Moody hot, or what?

This is not a knock on Booker or Ulis; Both played fine. What we all have to understand is that every skill has value, but only a very, very few have it all. The point of this is that the Harrison twins have been much maligned (again, deservedly so in some regards) but they are getting better and better just like everyone else, and that creating “who should be the starter” wars in situations where all are getting big minutes is unproductive.

The final point — we are very lucky to have all these guys.

Your Quickies:

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  • Ole Miss didn’t beat Kentucky, but it proved that Kentucky can be beaten, according to David Gardner at Sports Illustrated.

    I think that misses the mark. There was never any rational doubt that Kentucky could be beaten. There was never any real doubt of what it would take to beat them — hot shooting. The only question was, could any team get hot enough, for long enough?

    The answer is still technically “no,” although it could just as easily have become yes, and certainly Ole Miss provided one blueprint. In the final analysis, anyone with a smidgen of basketball knowledge understands that any team can, and most likely will, be beaten. The unlikely “can anybody beat Kentucky?” narrative has finally, I hope, been put on temporary hiatus, but it doubtless will return if the Wildcats don’t find an Ole Miss night waiting for them at every turn.

    If that means Kentucky loses a few votes in the polling, or even gets dropped to #2 or lower, does not concern me. What concerns me is NCAA Tournament championship #9.

  • Cats learn that SEC foes won’t just roll over.

    It was supposed to be so, so easy.

    No sweat, no problem. The SEC wasn’t supposed to be just bad in basketball, the SEC was supposed to be really bad in basketball. So, surely, as the No. 1 team in America, the most dominant team in quite some time, Kentucky would take the conference in a cakewalk.

    I just want to point out to John Clay that this was not the team’s thinking, but rather his colleagues in the media. John Calipari has been scoffing at this stuff all season, and so have we here at A Sea of Blue, for the most part.

  • Embrace the hate:

  • C.L Brown for ESPN says the Ole Miss game was just Kentucky “hitting the snooze button.” Seriously, he thinks that. He doesn’t give any credit to Ole Miss, and in fact mocked them a little.

    This guy drives me nuts. He always gets it wrong. Why he gets this spot escapes me; his points are garbage, throw-away crap that a competent 13-year old could write.

    Ole Miss fans should direct hate mail his way. Your team didn’t have anything to do with this, Rebel fans, it was just Kentucky sleepwalking through the game and they beat you anyway. I guess I should be flattered, but I find myself just a bit salty over the stupidity and unfairness of it.

  • Scare just what Kentucky needed, according to Adam Himmelsbach:

    “Shoot, we go 11-for-20 from the 3-point line and just escape?” Calipari said afterward, almost recoiling in his chair. “What? Now, if we were 11-for-20, you’re going to say we won by 40. We went 11-for-20 from the 3-point line and just escaped. Like, we just wanted to make sure the time ran out. We ran off the court.”

    Exactly. Coach Cal gets it exactly. Kentucky didn’t play badly, they just ran up against a team making shots, executing brilliantly, and playing a game Kentucky hasn’t seen this season.

  • John Clay has this Q&A up with yet another excellent point by Coach Cal:

    I’m going to tell you the biggest play of the game, it was Andrew (Harrison) jumping to tip the rebound free. And Devin running down the ball. Biggest play of the game. That gave us our chance to win the game. Did that have anything to do with skill? No. That’s just what I kept telling them.

    This is the “crux of the biscuit,” as Frank Zappa would say. You can have all the skill in the world, but without determined effort (what Calipari means by “fighting”), you can be undone by somebody with less skill but more determination, willing to lay it all on the line.

    If I had a criticism about the Wildcats last night, it’s that they weren’t always doing that.

  • Ricky O’Donnell wonders if Ole Miss figured out a blueprint for beating Kentucky. My response is simply this: Hot shooting is a blueprint for beating everybody. He who scores the most, wins.

    Yes, the Rebels rebounded fairly well, but UK still won the glass. A lot of that was a consequence of many long shots, something Kentucky has to do a better job rebounding. We have been poor all year at rebounding missed threes.

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