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Kentucky Wildcats Sunday Quickies: Stuart Scott Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Vince Marrow considering Michigan offer. UK diving sends three to finals. More.

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So sorry to hear that ESPN anchor has died of cancer. I always enjoyed his work, and our prayers and thoughts go out to his family, extended family, and friends, of which he apparently had very many.

Stuart was a young 49. He will be missed.

Here is a recent inspirational speech he gave at the 2014 ESPYs.

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  • Mike DeCourcy relentlessly mocks recent inane comments by Kobe Bryant. Here’s a taste:

    "AAU basketball. Horrible, terrible AAU basketball," Bryant said. "It’s stupid. It doesn’t teach our kids how to play the game at all, so you wind up having players that are big and they bring it up and they do all this fancy crap and they don’t know how to post. They don’t know the fundamentals of the game. It’s stupid."

    He’s right, of course. While the Americans are wasting their time trying to dunk their way into SportsCenter’s top 10, the Europeans are drilling 3-pointers. OK, so players trained in U.S. high schools and colleges comprise 19 of the top 20 long-distance shooters in the NBA, but never mind that. Never mind that the U.S. turned out 26 of the 27 players who are making 40 percent or more of their threes. The Americans’ fundamentals are terrible, obviously.

    Obviously. Read the whole thing. Playing basketball at the highest level does not automatically render people competent to comment on the game, even on how it’s played. Bryant just offered us proof of that, if any was actually needed.

    This is not to defend AAU basketball — there are plenty of things to criticize. But Bryant’s comments are illustrative of the forest-trees problem — well, that and not letting facts get in the way of a good narrative.

  • Where are they now: Eloy Vargas.

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