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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Academic Fraud Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Huge track meet at Kentucky this weekend. Softball preseason #6, highest ever. More.

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It seems that the University of North Carolina is not the only NCAA school with academic fraud issues. So far, none have been nearly as widespread or systemic as those at UNC, but then, little is publicly known about the investigations yet:

The cases are at various stages, from preliminary inquiry to awaiting a hearing with the Division I Committee on Infractions, and they involve a variety of missteps, including allegations that players received impermissible assistance from professors, academic advisers, or people outside of an athletic department. Eighteen of the cases are in Division I, one is in Division II, and one is in Division III. The official declined to name any of the colleges.

This is not surprising. There is a heavy motivation among competitive Division I programs to engage in academic fraud to keep players eligible. I’m surprised there have been so few cases brought to date, but that looks about to change. This is an excellent area of emphasis for the NCAA’s enforcement efforts, especially considering how long the problem went undetected at UNC.

Hat tip: Rush The Court

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