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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Oregon and Ohio St. Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK football recruit Harris to play in Under Armor All-American game. Basketball recruit Blakeney to make decision today. More.

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The inaugural college football playoff produced surprises. It wasn’t much of a surprise that Oregon won, but Ohio State handling the Alabama Crimson Tide surprised many people, including me.

The CFB title game should be must-watch TV, although I favor Oregon after what I saw in the Rose Bowl.

Tweet of the Morning

Good luck with that.

Indeed. Talk all the smack you want, you’ve earned it. Just don’t be mad when what goes around comes around.

Why? I think it will be a great game. Being a fan of the SEC doesn’t have mean all other college football is automatically unwatchable, does it? I was very impressed with Oregon and Ohio State, they both deserved to win.

Your Quickies:

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  • Antonio Blakeney will declare his college today, and Zagsblog thinks all signs point to LSU. If so, LSU will have quite a strong team next season, depending on who returns.

  • Ivan Rabb is visiting the Wildcats this weekend — the Arizona Wildcats, that is.

  • Reminiscent of Nerlens Noel:

  • Normally I wouldn’t offer this for consumption, but it’s so outrageous and insensitive that I want to put it up here, sort of like the medieval practice of putting the heads of traitors on pikes.

    In what world is something like this even remotely humorous? Wherever it is, I certainly don’t want to live, or even visit there.

  • Jon Rothstein says that Kentucky’s 2014-15 defense is more disruptive than 2012:

    It’s not about shots the Wildcats block, it’s about the shots they alter. This team figures to be much improved offensively by March and is still beating opponents by an average of 27.4 points. The 2012 team had two alpha dogs on defense in Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. But that squad didn’t have the ability to drag opponents into the mud and force them into submission like this group.

    I think he’s right. This team never has a letup. 2012 had to manage their energy more, and I think that makes a difference.

    Hat tip: Aaron’s blog.

  • Coach Cal’s new year’s resolution? More fun, less clutter. Good advice. And this:

    Blocking Jeff Goodman will take care of most of that.

    More good advices.

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