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Kentucky Wildcats Afternoon Quickies: First Loser Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK Hoops defeats Florida. Gym Cats have Excite Night tonight with LSU/Arizona St. More.

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Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today tries to figure out who will lose first this season, Kentucky or Virginia. I think you can probably guess the consensus, but read the whole thing anyway. My buddy Randy McClure from Rush The Court makes an appearance.

Tweet of the Morning

You know, this meme is misleading. Almost half of that cost was recovered by contributions from program boosters. $432k is still a lot, but UK had it budgeted, and came in slightly under.

Your Quickies:

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  • Paterno is pariah no more, at least as far as the record books are concerned. The NCAA has reinstated all the vacated wins that they wrongly (in my opinion) took away from Penn St. as part of a settlement of the "Corman" lawsuit, in which the NCAA had received repeated unfavorable rulings from the judge. It was smart of them to settle, and I think in the best interest of all parties.
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