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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: New Year's Day Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Jen O'Neill likely to play versus Alabama. Calipari on recruiting trail yesterday. More.


Happy New Year to everyone. I hope last night passed, if not quietly, at least without major consequence. Now give your liver a well-deserved rest and take it easy today.

Also, feel free to use this as an open thread for the football games.

Tweet of the Morning

I am not loving this. I really would not be happy if Vince Marrow left. I know Michigan is a great spot, but we need him far worse than the Wolverines do. I hope we can keep him. Fingers crossed …

Your Quickies:

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  • This is exactly the type of big media article I have been decrying on this blog, and I don’t even have to read it all to know that this is a pure example of a guy who really dislikes Kentucky masquerading as someone who is making honest commentary. Jeff Goodman is trying to create exactly what we don’t need — a controversy between Tyler Ulis and Andrew Harrison.

    I have no idea what he said after "Calipari’s dilemma is simple," and I need not. John Calipari has no dilemma when it comes to these two. He has something every coach would love to have — two point guards with different strengths, both of which are more useful in certain situations than others. It’s the ideal situation for Coach Cal.

    I guarantee you, without even seeing the rest of his article, that Calipari would have none of it. He knows what he has, and how to use them both to the best advantage of the team and to the two young men themselves. Do you imagine he would abandon the best interests of Andrew Harrison in order to better showcase Tyler Ulis, even if he thought it was better for the team? If so, you don’t know a thing about Calipari — remember, players first. Andrew is not where he is by accident, or via some backroom agreement with his parents.

    For years, I referred to Jeff Goodman as "the loathsome troll." I have plenty of proof of Goodman’s bona fides when it comes to disliking Kentucky, and he’s openly admitted to disliking Calipari. As he moved from UNC blogger to a member of the mainstream commentariat, he has been quite careful to avoid revealing his biases overtly. It’s more subtle, but it’s transparently obvious to anyone with the least ability to read between the lines.

    I urge you not to engage in this type of divisive commentary, and don’t allow media members who are actually incompetent to comment on this subject, like Goodman, to persuade you. He has an agenda that he’s deliberately trying to hide under the guise of being an honest, disinterested observer. I trust you will not fall for it.

  • Thon Maker said to be near reclassification decision. I really like Kentucky’s chances, whatever he decides.

  • Dick Vitale says there’s no reason that Kentucky can’t go undefeated. I say there is — the opposition. Beating Kentucky will be the kind of win that will get your seed bumped significantly, or get you in the tournament if your record would otherwise send you to the NIT.

    Keeping Kentucky motivated enough to avoid a stumble will be extraordinarily difficult. They are young, and youth always loses focus. Always. Not to mention other teams will sometimes play their best games of the year against the Wildcats.

    But Vitale’s conclusion is mostly right: 40-0 is a realistic possibility. I consider it unlikely, but Ken Pomeroy gives us roughly 1 chance in 4 to get to March undefeated, and that qualifies as realistic. If Kentucky gets to the NCAA Tournament undefeated, 40-0 becomes an absolute necessity if they want to reach their goal.

  • Karl Towns Sr. very pleased with the progress of his son. He should be. Karl-Anthony Towns is playing outstanding basketball, and might just play himself into the #1 draft pick. I promise you, if I were an NBA GM, I’d take him over Jahlil Okafor right now.

  • Stephen Zimmerman (2015) played well in front of Coach Cal last night, well enough to lead his team to victory in the Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach.

  • Kentucky and Texas A&M will tip off at 1PM on January 10th.

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