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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Ohio Gameday Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK football faces Ohio today. UK soccer defeats Louisville. UK volleyball falls to USC. More.

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Andy Lyons

Today, the Kentucky Wildcats take on the Ohio Bobcats in a game that will go a long way toward telling us if the Wildcats are on, ahead of, or behind schedule.

Tweet of the Morning

Yeah, it’s all the rage today.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Tom Leach’s take on the game today. Consider:

    Horses coming into the top-caliber racing at Keeneland are often rightfully discounted when they’re coming off wins against much lesser competition but everyone once in awhile, there’s a performance that has to be seen to be appreciated for its legitimacy. Today, we’ll gain some insight into just how much better the Kentucky offense is.

    I think this is exactly right. But we’ll also get some insight into the defense, and if it is as mediocre as last game suggested, that will be our new worry.

  • Mark Stoops had been recruiting DB Kendall Randolph since long before he came to Kentucky.

  • Scout’s preview of today’s game.

  • Damien Harris talks about Stoops’ visit to his game last night where he ran for 318 yards, and his visit to Ohio State this weekend. Consider:

    Jon Clark [Harris’ coach], on the statement of Stoops watching the whole game:
    "It’s huge. They’ve got a game tomorrow. That’s a big deal for them to hang out the whole game, and I was shocked when I saw them after the game. I didn’t know they stayed the whole game. That is rare, especially knowing they have a game tomorrow. But they recruit tirelessly now. Anybody in this state knows. Any day they can be here, they’re the first ones here. And they’re here all day. And they call when they can. There’s nobody that’s going to work harder than that staff does. There really isn’t. Coach Scott has done an outstanding job with Damien. Coach Stoops as well. Nobody’s going to be there more and put in more work than they have. It’s not going to happen."

    More here and here.

    If we lose Damien Harris to Urban Meyer, it won’t be for lack of effort, that’s for sure.

  • State of the U (Miami Hurricanes) likes the cut of Kentucky’s jib in today’s game.

  • Saturday Down South compares Frank Solich to Mark Stoops.

  • The numbers for Kentucky’s offense by John Clay.

  • Hey, we got us a freak! All right!

  • Video of Damien Harris’ big game yesterday:

  • Coach Stoops shows Damien Harris love by showing up in a helicopter:

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