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Kentucky Wildcats Afternoon Quickies: "Rivalry" Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK Softball shuts out Georgetown. Louisville men's soccer tops Kentucky. More.

Tom Pennington

Andy Hutchinson has an annoying article up regarding the dustup between Adrian Wojnarowski and Mike Krzyzewski. Consider:

That sort of reads like something the world’s most eloquent Kentucky message board insider would relay from a chance meeting with World Wide Wes, but it’s the world’s most influential basketball reporter hammering one of the world’s most powerful basketball coaches. And, to be clear, Woj has a point: Krzyzewski, the true mainstay of the United States’ last two Olympic teams, has been able to burnish his résumé and bask in reflected glory that would probably be there for any of 20-plus excellent coaches who could lead top-line U.S. talent to gold.

After reading this article, you’ll come away mostly convinced, as was I, that he used a legitimate critique of Wojnarowski’s piece to take shots Kentucky and John Calipari. It deserves to be said, but never was, that Calipari was dragged into the Krzyzewski-Team USA kerfuffle by Jim Boeheim, who disclosed a complaint Calipari made to him which was clearly not intended for public consumption, a fact I’m sure he reminded his "friend" Boeheim about when he called after Boeheim’s comments to

The thing that drives me crazy about all this is that Calipari should never have been dragged into this sideshow at all, and you can see in Andy’s article that it’s more about critiquing Calipari than Krzyzewski. I suppose that’s to be expected of the Florida blogger, who’s school can’t even have a great basketball team without winding up in the shadow of the Wildcats, and even when they beat them three times on the court last year they couldn’t bring themselves to cheer for their fellow SEC school-mate.

Florida desperately wants a rivalry with Kentucky in basketball, but their performance against the Wildcats just doesn’t support that notion, even after last season. Florida has three straight wins against UK, but that’s coming off a Kentucky streak of 8-2, and a historical shortfall of 94-37 against the Wildcats, and a 17-27 record (.37) against Kentucky while Donovan has been coach (by my quick and dirty math). Kentucky’s historical winning percentage against Florida football is only slightly worse (.27) than Florida’s basketball historical record against Kentucky (.28). Heck, our 2013 train-wreck of a team even managed to beat Florida without Nerlens Noel in Rupp Arena.

Rivalry? Whatever.

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