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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Auburn Survives Kansas State Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Basketball team feeds Madness fans pizza. Volleyball defeats Lipscomb. More.

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The Auburn Tigers defeated the Kansas State Wildcats last night, 20-14, looking eminently beatable in the process. Team Speed Kills has the details:

But all of that said, the Tigers sure looked human tonight. Not that last year’s MacGyvered perfect regular season didn’t have plenty of opposing fans thinking that Auburn could be beaten this year. But the game against Kansas State seemed like the first piece of concrete evidence that the Tigers could be had, particularly if the Wildcats’ offense or defense could have played a little better.

Different year, different team.

Tweet of the Morning

You have to admit, it’s kind of funny. The only thing missing is the championship ring, and a background of Final Four banners. Hey, might as well do it right.

Your Quickies:

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  • Mike Krzyzewski says that Team USA provides him with no advantage. Even Boeheim doesn’t agree with that nonsense, and neither do I. I do agree that he didn’t use Paul George’s injury, so I guess 50% is the best we can hope for. The idea that it’s a disadvantage is just spin, and it’s really unworthy of Krzyzewski. He should know nobody is going to buy that except, I guess, for Duke fans who swallow his every word uncritically.

  • I think Matt Norlander gets this part wrong:

    This is also rich considering Calipari’s recent (brilliant) idea to hold an NBA scouting combine all for himself and his players. Like that’s not an advantage? Of course it is, and one that he’s earned, just like Coach K earned the Team USA venture. Amazing how often this can happen.

    The two things are completely unrelated, and in raising this point, Norlander defeats his own argument. Krzyzewski could do the same thing as Coach Cal anytime he wants, as can any other college coach, so it isn’t and cannot be an advantage. Not every coach can just demand to coach Team USA, including Calipari.

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