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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Changes Coming Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet.

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After long thought and reflection, the Quickies are changing to better permit your humble correspondent to produce and stay on top of them. What has been happening is that as my work life gets busier and busier, it makes it more difficult to set aside the hour-and-one-half it takes for me to do a normal Quickies post. In order to better accommodate my schedule and still enable me to bring you the news, we will be using a hub to contain all the quickies. That hub will reside just below the normal "cover", which is what we call "five up" because it displays five stories in boxes.

If we decided to switch layouts, which we do from time to time for various reasons, the quickies may move down a bit, but their normal home will be just below what we call the "cover," or the section of main stories at the very top of the page.

The new Quickies will consist of stories, fanshots and possibly even fanposts. This will help keep the news better organized, and help me keep my posts a bit shorter and less time-consuming. It will also help keep the conversation on topic rather than widely disbursed, and I’ll have a catch-all thread every day to enable people to put their own links to news in. I know this is important.

At the top of the news today:

Kentucky football

College football

  • One of the teens convicted and jailed in the Stubenville, Ohio rape case was allowed back on his high school team. Perhaps he’ll end up being recruited by Louisville? {Via Hank}

  • Hank has informed me that according to a source (no link), Luke Hiers may still wind up at Kentucky if he improves over the season. According to what he hears, Hiers just isn’t good enough yet to get a commitable offer.

Kentucky basketball

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