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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Jim Harbaugh Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Tyler Ulis is SEC Freshman of the Week. Mitch Barnhart talks about 2014, 2015. More.

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Jim Harbaugh to be named the next head football coach of the Michigan Wolverines. Looks like a home-run hire to me.

Tweet of the Morning

Honestly, I think you can make an argument for Duke. They haven’t lost, either, and they’ve played quality competition. No, they don’t look to the eye like they have what it takes to beat the Wildcats, but I don’t begrudge anyone that opinion. It’s an outlier, but it’s also defensible.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Jennifer Smith says it’s Shannon Dawson’s decisiveness as a playcaller that makes him a good fit for Kentucky:

    “He’s very decisive,” said Moses, now the running backs coach at SFA. “He’s able to get a play out there quickly and a good play at that. He’s decisive about what he wants to call and he gets it to you quick. As a quarterback his decisiveness and the speed in which he gets a play to you, becomes a weapon.”

    There’s no indecision, no hesitation, Moses said.

Kentucky basketball
  • Stopped clock, etc. Mark Story gets this right:

    It is entirely possible that Ulis is the better player and UK is a stronger team when the little freshman is on the floor. Yet it is entirely likely that there will be many games going forward when Harrison’s size, strength and experience make him the better option at point guard.

    “Better player” is such a subjective term that I don’t really subscribe to that for either man. Both have different strengths, which essentially are diametrically opposed. Andrew has size, strength, length and power. Tyler has shooting, court vision, and finesse. Put them together as Kentucky has, and you have everything you need at point guard.

  • Bow to Kentucky? Well, that certainly doesn’t happen as Mark Titus spends most of his time mocking Kentucky fans.

    Seriously, I love hyperbole as much as the next guy, but:

    You can tell that it’s like a religious experience for Wildcats fans to watch this team in person. And the scary thing is that I’ve watched Kentucky only on neutral courts. UK games at Rupp Arena this season probably have baptisms and live births and lambs being sacrificed in the crowd.

    Do marriage proposals count? Because that’s about as close as we come to any of that.

  • Undefeated talk. Well, you won’t be hearing it here — not for a good, long while, at least.

  • UK target Carlton Bragg wants to be a better leader. It’s between Kansas and Kentucky for his services, in my opinion, and that’s going to be a tough battle.

  • Tyler Ulis named SEC Freshman of the Week. Well earned, young man.

  • Kentucky/Louisville was the most watched NCAA basketball game ever on ESPN2.

  • Rush The Court asks, “Is 40-0 really attainable?” Maybe. If 38-2 is attainable, I think 40-0 is, although I’m still convinced Kentucky will drop a game or two this season.

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