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Kentucky Wildcats Sunday Quickies: 12-0 Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK women play Duke in Durham today. Kyle Cody named pre-season All-American. More.

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Yesterday, the Kentucky Wildcats beat the UCLA Bruins like a rented mule to go 12-0. It goes without saying that the accolades have been rolling in, but there are still some non-believers out there.

Converting them will be fun.

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Your Quickies:

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  • UK 2015 power forward recruit Carlton Bragg put up some big numbers yesterday — 31 points big, along with 10 boards.

  • Tyus Battle is liking Kentucky. I’m liking his game, but I see no left hand in his repertoire.

  • What happens when Kentucky makes shots? Devastation. Kentucky is so big you have to force them to shoot from the perimeter, and when they make them, you have nowhere to hide.

    Kentucky is not actually unbeatable, but beating them is probably going to require help from Kentucky.

  • Lots of hyperbole in the news today. Consider:

    If opponents are “licking their chops” for a shot at these Wildcats, as UK coach John Calipari said Thursday, they must savor the taste of their own blood.

    Heh. NIce.

  • Kentucky could “redefine greatness.” Perhaps so, if we are talking about Ken Pomeroy’s stats. The Wildcats are well on their way to doing that, and it doesn’t look like the SEC is going to make that as difficult as they otherwise might.

  • Consider:

    The rest was brutish, unmerciful and just completely absurd, this 83-44 victory that transcended all metaphors for demolition or involuntary surgeries. This was something far, far more terrifying, something we had not seen this insensate leviathan accomplish before: The Wildcats destroyed a team’s hope. That is a very hard thing to do against athletes conditioned to believe all things are possible at all times.

    UCLA was unprepared for the Wildcats, but in truth, there is no way to prepare for the size, quickness and skill, as well as the depth and constantly changing offensive style that is this Kentucky team. Other teams think they can, but they can’t, and games like this just make it harder.

  • John Clay:

    Truth be told, the Bruins were beaten before the first TV timeout. You could just tell. (“They took our confidence,” admitted star guard Bryce Alford.) Kentucky was too tall, too athletic, too skilled. Multiply those by “two” platoons.

    Kentucky not only beat UCLA yesterday, but probably most of the remaining teams on their schedule. Nobody who sees that game will be unaffected, and in many cases, it will destroy their confidence before they even take the floor.

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