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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: UAB Blazers Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK Volleyball gets 13th seed in NCAAs, will host. Bud Dupree honored. More.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Alabama-Birmingham appears to be on the verge of shutting down their football program. Is this the beginning of a trend, or just one of those things that happens every now and then.

Think about it though — an Alabama school, shutting down a football program. Scary

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  • 17 reasons why being a 70’s kid was the best thing ever. The biggest reason, to me, had to do with two things; there were no video games to keep you inside all day, so you pretty much left the house in the morning and didn’t return until well after dark except for lunch.

    The second was that you had to earn your money, if you wanted money. And who didn’t want money? I have been employed in some manner since 1971, starting with a Courier-Journal/Louisville Times paper route which I held until I left for college in 1975. My first non-paperboy job was shortly after that, when I began to work for a shoe store in Bowling Green.

  • U.S. Navy has to find a way to rethink its strategy in financially challenged modern times.

    The future of surface warfare is continually bleak as billion-dollar surface combatants become overwhelmed by cheaper, plentiful missile systems.