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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Steve Spurrier Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK track & field signs top ten class. Calipari hits the recruiting trail hard. More.

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Steve Spurrier recently suggested he might be retiring in two or three years, it seems like the Gamecocks had to quell a mini-rebellion among recruits. That’s an unfortunate consequence of coaching into your golden years, which Spurrier is knocking on right now. At some point, recruits are going to ask this question.

Unusually pithy tweet from Dan Wolken:

Tweet of the Morning

Your Quickies:

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  • Michigan State is shooting the ball well from three this season. That’s because Tom Izzo is playing them accordion lullabys at night.

  • Alabama blows a chance to upset #11 Wichita State last night. Alabama is close to being a dangerous team. Close. Wichita State is overrated at #11, and no mistake.

    What killed the Tide? See below:

    Kenpom WSU-Alabama

    Courtesy of

    Things like offensive rebounding and turnovers usually don’t matter that much in games where you shoot well, as long as they’re not lopsided. But in close, low-possession games like this, you have to take care of the ball and protect your defensive backboards. Alabama did neither. Hence, a tough road loss.

    Still, I think this game exposed the Shockers a little bit. They are largely trading off the success of their last two teams, and this team is not nearly as talented or experienced. They’re still good, but not #11 good.

  • Jim Boeheim to his Syracuse team: You have been weighed, measured, and found wanting.

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Other news
  • NASA’s Curiosity rover has found water on Mars. Also, there seem to be organic molecules on Mars, which is even more interesting.

  • When is a data cap not a data cap? Whenever. Hey, I found that my unlimited data plan was overkill — it turns out I was using less than 350 MB a month, and so I took a risk and went down to a 1GB plan. So far, no problems whatsoever, and that includes some limited tethering.

    Although to be fair, not every person is a geek like me. When I browse the web while tethering, I use text-mode browsers. A technological throwback, to be sure, but one which gets me what I need faster and with much less data usage.

  • Ten must-see U.S. destinations for 2015. I don’t know about North Conway, but New Hampshire is a beautiful place in the fall. Vermont as well.

    And Indianapolis, despite being in Hoosierland, is a great city. I really enjoyed my recent trips up there.