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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Bowl Season Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky lands a coveted offensive lineman. Hoops defeats Belmont. More.

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Here’s your interactive college football bowl calendar from SB Nation. Go check out this beautiful thing.

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Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Mike Vacarro says we can rage against the new basketball reality, or embrace it:

    Yes. We can rage about all that if we like. Or we simply can come to understand this is the product of a new day, of a new time, that the best, most watchable basketball happens now in places such as Kentucky and Duke and the superpowers who can attract the most great players for their brief campus cameos.

    Well, Kentucky is the “Roman Empire” of college basketball. When in Rome …

  • Isportsweb says there are 4 teams that will “threaten” Kentucky’s undefeated season.

    Sorry guys, #2 is no longer threatening anything to do with us. Neither is #1, although technically they will be for a couple of weeks longer.

    The SEC season is different, so Arkansas stays. Also, I’d throw South Carolina in there with Florida. USC is playing good basketball this season, and they’ve pulled upsets over UK before. LSU is fading as a threat, and Missouri faded a long time ago.

  • Keeping It Heel acknowledges reality:

    Really, North Carolina has little to be ashamed of. They were simply outgunned and outmanned. The Tar Heels found out what previous Kentucky opponents have and what others will discover — that if the Wildcats put on the same show throughout the season, those platoon waves they continually throw at opponents will be perilously difficult to navigate.

    Dear Louisville - Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of … inevitability.

  • When it could’ve wobbled, Kentucky looked invincible.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
  • This must be Tennessee day or something. Three Vol players announced their intention to transfer.

  • In case you missed it on Saturday, Navy once again beat Army. As it should be, as it has been, and as it may be forever. Amen.

    Actually, I think Army is going to be more competitive going forward. They may finally win a game before my conversation with St. Peter at the pearly gates.

College basketball
Other sports news
Other news
  • A Tennessee fan explains why he hates Kentucky. It was written back in November for the football game, but there was one part that stood out to me:

    I Hate Bourbon: How can you call that Whiskey? It’s Oak flavored rubbing alcohol. I mean, come on! It really just taste like a tree threw up in some bad mouth wash.


  • Coming soon to a laudromat near you — a bar to soothe the stress of adding the fabric softener?

  • Five reasons to use your slow-cooker at night. I’ve got #6: So you have that 3AM snack all pre-cooked, hot and ready. No need to let the “ding” of the microwave wake your spouse.

    Seriously, how can anyone sleep with savory smells wafting around the house in the middle of the night? Seems like a receipt for morbid obesity to me…

  • Why you should stick your butt out at the gym. Yes, by all means.

  • News you can use: Seven scams every traveler needs to know about.

    Having traveled extensively, I can assure you that it’s always a very good idea to be suspicious of anyone who tries to get too close to you. Maintain a comfortable “bubble” of personal space, no matter how innocuous the encounter seems. If you feel uncomfortable about an encounter with a stranger abroad, get out of it and get away from the other person or people as fast as possible, even if you risk looking rude.

    It may sound unfriendly, but trust me, your sixth sense is doing you a solid. Listen to it.

  • Okay, this right here is not safe for work. It’s not porny either, just funny as hell. Warning do not be drinking coffee, or have coffee or beverages anywhere near you while watching this. You can thank me later for not destroying both your sinuses, your monitor and/or furniture from spilled or forcibly expelled liquid. Hat tip to my old frat bro, Steve Castle.