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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Lauren Hill Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Men's basketball dominates Pikeville 116-68. Men's soccer poised to win CUSA title. More.

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Andy Lyons

Lauren Hill, a young woman with inoperable terminal brain cancer, got to play in a college basketball game last night in one of the more inspirational moments in recent sports history.

Congratulations to all involved for giving us such a rare and hopeful moment.

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Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Here’s why Mark Stoops’ new contract doesn’t include a buyout:

    “I’ve never been a big believer in them," [UK Athletics Director Mitch] Barnhart said. "I think, if people want to be with you, they’re going to be with you. I’ve had them from time to time, and they always end in a really difficult spot for people. I think it’s really difficult to have the relationship you want to have. It’s hard. I want people at the university who want to be here. If they don’t, then we need to find somebody that does.”

    This makes sense to me. Why fight over a coach who wants to leave?

    Does this make it easier to leave? Sure, but do you really want the guy who is using you for a stepping stone? When it gets to that point, a clean, painless break sounds like good advice. It’s a very ethical position.

  • Mark Stoops offers a 7th grader. I really wish coaches would stop doing that. I mean, look how well it worked out for Billy Gillispie.

  • Yeah, that seems weird to me as well:

  • Depth chart shakeup at WR:

Kentucky basketball
  • Eric Crawford on the game last night:

    Suffice it to say, whatever John Calipari is cooking in Lexington smells like it’s going to be very good. Karl Towns is without question the best offensive big man he has recruited to Lexington. I flipped over to the game at one point and Willie Cauley-Stein took off from behind the three-point line, went baseline on a guy about seven inches shorter, blew past him on the dribble and dunked the ball about a step and a half later.

  • Tyus Battle’s top 11 schools:

  • John Calipari talks about Pikeville:

    Sarcastic comment about Dakari Johnson was a little funny, but also a little frustrating.

  • Heh. Calipari trolling sportswriters:

  • John Clay talks about Karl-Anthony Towns, and suggests that there’s no way to hide his talent. I think Towns is going to be outstanding this year, but really, what made him so good last night is that you have to guard everybody. You can’t focus on any one player. That makes Kentucky really hard to defend.

  • Ten questions about Kentucky basketball. If Tipton could get past the sarcasm that so often falls flat, he might have written a good article here. The thing that gets me is that it’s so unnecessary and gratuitous.

Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • Tom Crean is trying to do his best Urban Meyer impersonation when it comes to players misbehaving. Gregg Doyel calls him out on it. Consider:

    So this opinion is written neither lightly nor cruelly. But it’s being written, and surely Crean agrees on some level: This can’t keep happening. His players can’t keep being busted for drinking violations. Four since February? My word, that’s basically one-third of the IU roster in less than a calendar year. This situation has moved past red flags, into red alert.

  • SEC coaches defend the league’s basketball prowess. Just schedule better, guys. And recruit somebody.

  • Six programs on the decline entering this season. Hello, Syracuse is on the list.

Other sports news
Other news