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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: College Basketball 2014 Begins Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky basketball gets commitments from two 2015 top-ten players. Man and women's basketball open season tonight. More.

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College basketball season officially begins tonight. SB Nation has an article about why college basketball season is so awesome. I really prefer the regular season to March Madness. Yes, the latter is more meaningful because it is a tournament, but it’s in the regular season where you see the moments of greatness that sometimes just disappear, and when you can develop the context for your team.

For example, if we hadn’t seen the struggles of last year’s Kentucky team in the regular season, would we have even been surprised that they got to the finals? There is so much richness that the regular season brings to college basketball that is lost on the college football crowd who can’t get excited until March.

Tweet of the Morning

Awesome memory from a bygone era. Why can’t we celebrate milestones like that anymore with a simple cake? Nostalgic.

Your Quickies:

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  • Marcus Lee on dealing with the hype:

    Only at Kentucky does a sophomore qualify himself as "older," other than technically. Having said that, these guys are more experienced when it comes to hype, pressure, and the NCAA Tournament than most.

  • We’re all well aware of the disturbing reports around Skal Labissiere and his guardian recently. Ben Roberts has a brief run-down here, and I think this point is the most important one for UK fans to remember — a quote by Gary Parrish, of all people:

    "I don’t think that John’s put himself at risk," he said. "John’s too smart to do that. John Calipari ain’t risking an $8 million job and his reputation … over a top-10 recruit when he signs three of them every year no matter what."

    I think that’s right. Aside from "In Sandy we trust," we also have to recognize that Calipari doesn’t need to do anything edgy at Kentucky when it comes to recruiting. The proof is in the nine McDonalds All-Americans on the current roster.

  • Tony Delk sees a little 1996 in this year’s team.

  • Coach Cal is kind of wishing for some adversity for this team. I think his wish will be granted, no worries about that. I just hope it’s nearer the beginning of the season than at the end.

  • Winston Bennett, super fan. Winston works with my wife at a Louisville insurance company. Nice man.

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  • Heh:

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