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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickes: USA Today All American Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Men's soccer takes on S. Carolina today in CUSA tourney. UK's Cedergen wins CUSA CoY award. More.

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Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today has their pre-season all-American team out today, and Kentucky is represented only on the first team. Both the Harrisons and Willie Cauley-Stein got an honorable mention.

Tweet of the Morning

Don’t get too excited yet. Remember, Memphis’ color is blue as well, and Skal Labissiere has them in his list. But the only blue in Briscoe’s final three is Kentucky.

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  • Eric Bledsoe is a member of one of the smallest back courts in the NBA, but their lack of size doesn’t mean lack of heart or competitiveness.

  • More damning evidence that the NCAA acted unethically in the Penn St. case. In this case, it seems the NCAA provided him a blueprint so that it could use his findings against the school, not exactly ethical for an "independent" investigation. Why am I not surprised? From the article:

    "Clearly the more we dig into this, the more troubling it gets," [Pennsylvania state senator Jeff] Corman told "Outside the Lines." "There clearly is a significant amount of communication between Freeh and the NCAA that goes way beyond merely providing information. I’d call it coordination … Clearly, Freeh went way past his mandate. He was the enforcement person for the NCAA. That’s what it looks like. I don’t know how you can look at it any other way. It’s almost like the NCAA hired him to do their enforcement investigation on Penn State."

    "At a minimum, it is inappropriate. At a maximum, these were two parties working together to get an outcome that was predetermined."


    "I’m angry," Corman said. "When you read the other communications we’ve seen, the NCAA is saying we have an image problem. So it looks like the NCAA was looking to improve its own image at the expense of Penn State. And to do that, they were orchestrating an outcome with Freeh to make it happen … A lot of people were hurt by the sanctions brought down by the NCAA, and to think it was achieved possibly by this coordination by Freeh and the NCAA makes me very, very angry."

    Clearly, what the NCAA did was wrong from inception to conclusion.

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