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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: 4-1 Edition

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky football upsets South Carolina. Volleyball defeats #21 Texas A&M. More.

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Welcome to the week after the big game, where Kentucky pulled an upset on South Carolina and sits now at 4-1, and arguably could be 5-0.

Tweet of the Morning

Big time!

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Joker Phillips recruits contribute to big Kentucky win on Saturday:

    Guys such as Mike Douglas, the senior defensive tackle from Largo, Fla., who was primarily a backup to the Mister Cobble/Donte Rumph tandem until this year, and who on Saturday night made the biggest play in a game of big plays.

    It was Douglas who, inside the final three minutes, batted South Carolina quarterback Dylan Thompson’s pass high into the air and into the annals of Kentucky football history.

    It wasn’t all the young guys. Remember that Patrick Towles was recruited under the last regime, and so was Bud Dupree.

  • Wildcats bumped up in recruiting rankings by weekend commitments to #18 nationally in rankings.

  • Justin Rowland:

  • Weekend recruiting winners - Kentucky, Pitt, and Notre Dame. I love reading this, even if I won’t let myself believe it:

    Though he has yet to pull the trigger, Kentucky got the nation’s top-ranked running back in Damien Harris back on campus again, and with each visit, it looks more and more like the Wildcats are the team to beat for the Berea (Ky.) Madison Southern mega-talent. Don’t be surprised if the five-star Harris shows up in Lexington next Saturday for the game against UL Monroe.

  • I wish we wouldn’t do this. Dangerous and unnecessary. It isn’t as if we beat the top team in the country, or even a top 25 team.

  • Mark Stoops gives Damien Harris "The look:"


    #BBN Coach Stoops even gave me the look best game I've been to! #BadBoyz

    View on Instagram

    Hat tip: Nation of Blue

  • It’s easy to forget the last time we beat South Carolina. Here’s a reminder courtesy of Randall Cobb:

    One thing I had forgotten was just how cool Mike Hartline was in the pocket on that play. He got leveled, hit as he threw, but he fired a perfect strike to Cobb.

  • I could listen to this all day:

Kentucky basketball
  • Talk about paranoia!

    Meanwhile, John Calipari, who is generally understood to be one of Wojnarowski’s sources for the article, is televising a practice session/NBA scout combine. The only reason to televise this is for recruits, but that’s not a misuse of the vehicle? Not to mention wildly hypocritical?

    Pathetic. Truly, sadly, utterly, nonsequitur and pathetic.

  • Indeed:

    You have to take Coach Cal’s hype with a grain of salt. Part of the program.

  • Kentucky has too much depth:

    "The players are bought into it," Calipari said. "They liked it. They all thought it was terrific. The biggest thing will be the clutter that will circle, which is the clutter of the ego and all the other things. But we have a couple things I’m going to do to try to make it clear how they’re playing.

    "One thing I would say: Does Michael Jordan, in a 40-minute game, really have to be out there 32 minutes to show you he can play?"

    In my view, just as it’s impossible to have too much money, it’s impossible to have too much talent. Yes, both can mess you up if you let them. Calipari won’t.

  • Karl-Anthony Towns knew what he wanted to be when he came here, and has a clear plan for his life.

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