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NCAA Investigations

NCAA adjusts new agent requirements

They walked that back rather quickly.

California bill to allow players to be paid moves one step closer to reality

This could be the start of something big.

FBI issues charges in NEW college scandal involving top athletics programs, celebrities

Do the feds have some new college compliance division, or what?

Louisville called “one of the most non-compliant & dirtiest basketball programs in the history of the NCAA”

Probably because they were.

Sean Miller and Will Wade receiving subpoenas in upcoming corruption trial

This is a big development in the already huge story.

Will Kansas get Silvio De Sousa back before they face Kentucky?

Kansas is trying to get a game-changer back on the court. Will it come before Wildcats vs. Jayhawks?

The NCAA has been cleared to investigate programs implicated by FBI probe

The clock is ticking for some major programs.

Kansas, Bill Self mentioned by Adidas consultant in trial testimony

DeAndre Ayton and other big-name schools were also mentioned.

HBO’s “Student Athlete” chronicles Nick Richards’ recruitment, highlights pressure on star athletes

The stories told illuminate several issues with college athletics.

Kentucky soccer team sanctioned by NCAA for playing a pick-up game with Foo Fighters

The NCAA seems to have a lot of time on its hands.

NCAA commission recommends harsher punishments, ending one-and-done, and more

While largely the report was "meh," there were some good ideas.

New Yahoo! Report on Bam Adebayo’s Alleged Ties to ASM

It’s much ado about nothing.

Should UK fans be worried about the FBI investigation?

UK is not involved directly, but there is so much gray area that could complicate things.

John Wall & Karl Towns speak out on recruiting scandal

Wall and Towns pulled no punches in calling out recruits for taking the money.

Rick Pitino: Man Without a Home

Rick Pitino has lost the love and respect of two fan bases in Kentucky.

NCAA: UofL and Rick Pitino Failed to Monitor Program

The Louisville Cardinals appear to be in deep trouble with the NCAA.

Featured Fanshot

NCAA Reportedly Investigating Vol's Donnie Tyndal

The NCAA is reportedly investigating some irregularities in the men's basketball program at Southern Miss during Tyndall's tenure.

Featured Fanshot

UNC Academic Fraud Went On For 18 Years

A new investigation of the North Carolina academic scandal found it went on for 18 years and "was pushed by academic counselors for athletes, hatched and enabled by two sympathetic officials in a key department and employed by coaches eager to keep players eligible." This is really disturbing reading.

The Penn State Train Wreck

By violating their own procedures to punish Penn State, the NCAA may have made the Nittany Lions' punishment less onerous than it would have otherwise been.

NCAA to get info from UNC independent investigator

We wondered about this in our first post on the subject. Now we know the answer.

This stream has:

North Carolina NCAA Investigation

The NCAA investigation of North Carolina has been re-opened in light of new information.

NCAA Reopens investigation of North Carolina

Some doubted it would happen, but it apparently will.

Emmert's Folly, NCAA's Shame

Who took over the NCAA? A kindergarden teacher?

Miami, Frank Haith, Clint Hurtt: Skip to My Lou

Yeah, Miami and Louisville fans are all happy now. Missouri fans, too. And why not?

Trouble for Alabama? Don't count on it.

Is there a conflict of interest between the NCAA and a possible investigation of Alabama over recent revelations of NCAA impropriety?

Sports Illustrated Vs. Yahoo!: One Stands Out

Both Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Sports released NCAA violation blockbusters this week. Here's why one is superior to the other.

Tennessee's Next Scandal

Trae Golden is just the latest in a long line of scandals plaguing Tennessee athletics, and not the only one going on right now.

The NCAA And Frank Haith's Bank Account

Frank Haith alleges that someone illegally obtained his records, but it probably wasn't the NCAA.

Ben McLemore's AAU Coach Discloses Payments

What will the latest revelations about Ben McLemore's AAU coach mean for Kansas?


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