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How the NBA Draft advisory committee will grade prospects

Five levels of grading are given to prospects.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Jacksonville Photo by Matt Marriott/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

As we wait to see which Kentucky Wildcats will leave for the NBA Draft, here’s a look at the five projection levels prospects are viewed as, courtesy of Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman.

As for the Wildcats, here’s how I think their evaluations will be:

  • Lotto: Tyrese Maxey
  • 15-30: N/A
  • 31-45: Ashton Hagans, Immanuel Quickley
  • 46-60: Nick Richards
  • Undrafted: EJ Montgomery

While I think Quickley has the best chance to be a first-round pick between himself, Richards and Hagans, I still think NBA teams will be skeptical enough of his size (6-3. 187 pounds is small for an NBA shooting guard), lack of time as a point guard, and his poor two-point shooting (40.9%) will keep him from getting that 15-30 projection.

I think Hagans is firmly in the 31-45 projection, but his struggles in the second half of SEC play will really concern a lot of NBA teams with his potential at the next level.

Seeing as how a lot of mock drafts have Richards projected in the 50+ range or even undrafted, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him get an undrafted projection from the advisory committee. If that happens, then his decision to go pro or stay becomes a lot more interesting, though I’d still expect him to go pro.