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SEC Women's Basketball Tournament: UK Hoops vs. Mississippi State

In part 2 of Project: WHWTTSRWIOAIHTTOENCTAE,DI! (aka the SEC Women's Basketball Tournament), Kentucky has a rematch with Mississippi State. The last time these teams squared off, we got 10 minutes of bonus basketball - always good - and a monster 42 point performance from Makayla Epps. What will tonight have in store for our Cats?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been following UK Hoops this season, take a breath and pat yourself on the back for making it this far. While we adore this squad's pluckiness and will to win, they are really good at elevating one's blood pressure. Last night's game against Vandy was no exception: After a truly wretched first half in which the the Cats hit only 34% from the field (meh),  10% of their threes (ugh) and 16.7% of their free throws (can't think of a strong enough word), the Cats pulled out the final victory shooting 47% from the field, 60% of their 3's and 80% of their free-throws. Forget "A Tale of Two Halves", this was the basketball equivalent of  "On The Beach" and a Sweet Valley High book being mashed into a single torrid story.

Note: if anyone asks why Matthew Mitchell is losing his hair, pull out the stat sheet from this game. Then ask them to send him a mental hug. And possibly a vat of FRSB.

Next Up: Mississippi State! Remember them? The team whose leading scorer shot 39 points and yet they lost? Yeah, that's who we play next. The only thing that's changed for the Cats since the last time we played the Bulldogs on March 1st is the ongoing Achilles' issues for Makayla Epps. It will still take an incredible effort by every single Wildcat if we want to beat State. That said, this squad did convincingly hand South Carolina their first conference lost of the season a mere 5 days ago. I say this team, and especially these seniors? Can pull it off.

Game Time is 9:30 PM EST on the SEC Network. Hope to "see" you then! Until tonight - Go Big Blue!