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UK Hoops at Texas A&M: Preview & Game Thread

With only 4 games left in the regular season, the Cats continue to search for the win that will land them in the top of the SEC standings and ensure a first and second round buy going into the SEC Tournament. Can our trip to Reed Arena be the golden ticket Mitchell and crew have been seeking?

We want to see smiles like this after tonight's game!
We want to see smiles like this after tonight's game!
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

March 4th continues to creep a little closer, and tensions continue to mount as we wind our way towards the post-season. UK, Mississippi State and Texas A&M are all jockeying to ensure that top placement that helps to ensure a slightly easier road to the SECT Championship game: a Wednesday and Thursday bye. As always, life in the SEC is never boring!

Let's take a look at the #15 Aggies and see just what's in store for tonight's game in... The Tale of Two Courtneys and a Jones! (Insert dramatic "Bum Bum BAH!" here)

Texas A&M current leading scorers are Courtney Walker and Courtney Williams. Walker is averaging 15.3 PPG, and and shoots an impressive 43% from the field along with a why-can't-we-get-that 84% from the charity stripe. Her similarly named partner in crime Williams is averaging 14.1 PPG and hits 39% from the field. In short, remember the name Courtney and you probably can't go wrong.

One other name to keep in mind? Jordan Jones. The Aggies point guard is universally feared, as she is an assist machine (#11 in the country at 6.6 per game). She also leads the Aggies in steals.

Overall the Aggies play a really tough defensive style and have an efficient but not terribly fast offense. As such, how can the Cats get the W?

  1. As ever, control the ball. We only had 11 turnovers against Tennessee - it felt like more but really, only 11! - but we have a tendency to turn it over more when we go against a defense like TAMU's.
  2. Effective Shot selection. 35% against Tennessee was pretty much the reason we lost. Ok that and not getting fouls called in the 2nd half. And speaking of fouls...
  3. HIT FREE THROWS. The Aggies are actually worse from the charity stripe than we are - WAHOO! - so if we can capitalize on this, it could really stretch the point spread.
ICYMI: SEC Co-Player Of the Week Makayla Epps is the Cats' new leading scorer! BGE is now averaging 15.1 points per game, while Jenn O'Neill has dropped to 2nd with 14.5 ppg. If nothing else, look for these two intense competitors to drive each other to success.

Tipoff is at 7 PM EST. Sadly tonight's game is not televised - boo SEC Network, boo! - but you can listen in or catch the action on ESPN3 or the SEC Network+.

Until gametime - Go Big Blue!