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UK Hoops Wraps Up Non-Conference Play With A Real Cat Fight

Cats and Tigers, oh my! Today UK Hoops tries to shake off their disappointing loss at Duke with a return to their winning ways as they host the Tennessee State Tigers at Memorial Coliseum at 2 PM EST.

Hopefully Jennifer and Matthew can right the Good Ship Wildcat with a win today!
Hopefully Jennifer and Matthew can right the Good Ship Wildcat with a win today!
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Repeat after me: There's No Place Like Home. There's No Place Like Home. There's No Place Like Home. That's probably the unofficial new mantra for UK Hoops after their shellacking last week at Duke.

We knew facing Duke would be tough but nothing prepared the Big Blue Nation for the absolute beat down Duke delivered last Sunday at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The final score of 89-68 is but one part of the story: the 31.3% FG shooting and 8.3% performance from three point range should tell the rest of the tale. As should 25 personal fouls, a woeful 3 blocks, and a paltry 9 assists. The Blue Devils decimated the Cats in every single statistical category except steals. (Is superior theft execution a silver lining?)

Granted, when you go up against a team shooting lights out - 56% from the field, 43% from the three, and 73.5% from the charity stripe - you're probably going to be disappointed in the final outcome. But being out rebounded, out blocked and basically out played from tip to horn is what cost the Cats this game. For lack of a better description, the Wildcats were the Mildcats. Let us salt the earth of this box score and never speak of it again.

But hey, that was last week! Today is a new day, and this afternoon's matchup is one the Cats should romp through easily. Tennessee State is entering Memorial with a 3-7 record, with wins against Lipscomb, TAMU-Corpus Christi, and Jacksonville University. Their lone SEC experience to date was a 97-46 steamrolling at the hands of the Lady Vols. So as discouraging as last week's game was, take heart BBN - I think we've got this one.

Sadly, today's game is not on TV but you can catch all the UK Hoop action via ESPN3 or the SEC Network+. I will not be able to join you all, due to previously mentioned travels back to Wisconsin. (I promise to never book a trip again without checking the schedule. Pinky promise swear!) But know ASoB will be here in fine form to support our Cats and help them get their swagger back.

Until game time, Cat Fans - GO BIG BLUE!