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RJ Hampton updates his recruitment

His decision could come sooner than expected.

USA Today Sports

RJ Hampton has been toying with the idea of jumping from the 2020 class to 2019 for some time.

Earlier this year, he suggested that he would make that decision after he finished the summer Nike EYBL circuit.

On Saturday, he talked to Adam Zagoria and narrowed the window of his announcement even more.

“I’m going to probably make my decision [on reclassifying] a week after Peach Jam, if we make it to Peach Jam,” Hampton said at the EYBL’s opening weekend in Atlanta. “Sometime in July.”

His father would later add that the odds of a reclassification are “over 50 percent now.”

Hampton is a stud. He is a top five player in the 2020 class that is still on the rise, and everyone has been clamoring to land him. The remaining list for Hampton includes the Kentucky Wildcats, Duke Blue Devils, Kansas Jayhawks and Memphis Tigers.

Based on previous comments from the Texas native, many have assumed he wanted to be the top guard on whatever roster he chose, which would likely rule out Kentucky and Duke with their veteran guards and deep backcourts.

However, Hampton refuted those assumptions on Saturday, addressing the guard situations at both Kentucky and Duke.

“I’m not scared off of anybody that’s there [at Kentucky], I feel I’m confident in my game,” Hampton said. “I know they are, too. And they’re great players. I don’t know why any great player wouldn’t want to play with more great players.”

Hampton even commented on how he was being recruited by current players. Was there one guy that has really been a strong recruiter over the others?

“It’s gotta be Tyrese Maxey,” he said. “He’s always on me. He’s always sending me Kentucky memes and Kentucky posts, that’s my guy.”

While I still think Hampton ends up at Kansas or Memphis, Hampton’s comments on Saturday make me feel a little better about Kentucky’s chances.

Check out Zagoria’s entire conversation with RJ Hampton and his father here.