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Dontaie Allen is “UK bound” says KyKy Tandy

Plus some new highlights of the potential Wildcat in action in front of Calipari.

Dontaie Allen is the likeliest Bluegrass recruit to stay home for college and play for the University of Kentucky.

That wasn’t always the case, as KyKy Tandy once looked like the in-state star that was going to end UK’s drought of landing an in-state scholarship player.

However, the recruitment of Tandy went sour, and it now appears UK is no longer an option.

It just so happens that Allen has actually been the one having a dominant summer, which now has him higher in the recruiting rankings than Tandy.

This coming week, Allen is set to take a visit to UK, where a scholarship offer is likely to be extended. If it does indeed come, it’s probably only a matter of time until he becomes a Wildcat.

At least, that’s what Tandy seems to think:

For now, Allen is playing in an AAU event in Louisville, and Calipari was actually in attendance for a a Friday game:

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