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Jeremy Roach continues to impress as UK shows interest

Roach is one of the top players in 2020, and he’s already on Kentucky’s radar.

USA Basketball

A year after winning the gold medal with the U16 team Jeremy Roach is showing off his abilities once again at the U17 trials.

Roach, who is listed as the No. 1 point guard in 2020 and the No. 13 player in the class, will no doubt be one of the names you hear talked about a lot through his recruitment process.

According to 247 Sports, Roach has shown that he can have a significant impact on both ends of the floor and impressed with his ability to constantly change speeds on the floor with the ball, even getting comparisons to Chris Paul.

“My coaches told me not to do everything at one speed” Roach said in an interview. “I watch a lot of Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul and they change speeds a lot…”

Roach knew going into the trials that his spot on the team was not a guarantee and that he would have to earn his spot. “Coaches keep telling me that your spot is not earned, you still have to come with a chip on your shoulder like you did last year…”.

Roach and the team will try and bring another gold back to the USA when the U17 World Cup gets rolling on June 30th.

As for where Roach is at in his recruitment, he said on June 15th, when coaches were able to start calling juniors, he received 15 phone calls.

Roach said that seven schools have made him a priority for their 2020 class including, Maryland, Villanova, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Texas, Duke and Kentucky. The five schools besides Duke and Kentucky have already offered him a scholarship and I doubt Kentucky will be far behind.

As far as Kentucky’s chances of landing the 2020 guard remains to be seen, but Cal has a pretty good track record with guards that he can use to try and persuade Roach to become a Wildcat.

Last October, Roach took an unofficial visit to UK and watched an exhibition game.

About that visit Roach said, “I liked the facility, Coach Cal is very straight up with you and trying to get players to the next level, if you’re like partying and doing all of this other stuff then Kentucky is not a good spot for you”.

For me, I like to hear that from him, knowing that Cal doesn’t put up with that kind of behavior is a big reason why he has so much success and will continue to have success.

As for Roach, his recruitment process still has a long road to go but hopefully when it is all done he will be putting on the Kentucky uniform and playing for the BBN.

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