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UK and Louisville appear to be moving on from KyKy Tandy

Not a great sign for arguably the best player in the state of Kentucky.

KyKy Tandy and a pair of Bluegrass schools appear to be moving in seperate directions.

On Wednesday, Tandy gave a brief update on his recruitment. telling Jody Demling that the Louisville Cardinals were not showing much interest in him lately.

The schools Tandy said were coming after him the hardest were: Auburn, Iowa State, Tennessee and Cincinnati. He said Louisville had been involved but he hasn’t heard from them much recently.

“They’re really not involved as much with my recruitment right now,” he said.

Then on Thursday, Tandy told Chris Fisher that Kentucky has also not been in contact with him recently.

It’s not a great sign that the top two schools in Kentucky aren’t showing much, if any interest in Tandy. It’s one thing for Kentucky to not be interesting, being that John Calipari has so many five-star recruits he’s in the mix with.

But Louisville hasn’t exactly been lighting the recruiting world on fire, so for them to pass on a guy like Tandy, that says something.

A big reason why is likely the issue with his father, whose comments have probably turned off a lot of programs.

It’s unfortunate, but that’s how it goes in the recruiting world sometimes. It looks like there’s still a decent chance Kentucky will face Tandy on an annual basis with Auburn and Tennessee in the mix.

Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into another Chris Lofton situation.

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