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Reid Travis is one of the most wanted players in college hoops

”Reid Travis is going to be up there for player of the year.”

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Reid Travis is pretty well-known as one of the best veteran players in all of college basketball.

So it’s no surprise, then, that he’s one of the top five most-wanted players by anonymous college coaches, according to a poll from CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander.

Travis received 9 percent of the vote. The guys above him/tied with him include RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson, Carsen Edwards and Grant Williams.

Some anonymous quotes from the anonymous coaches:

”I think if you can have a veteran that’s powerful, that inherently does that dirty work-type stuff of rebounding and scoring in the post and has all that experience, I think that is so tough to come by. That good in a fifth year, similar to Ethan Happ, those two guys. I think Reid Travis -- I’d love to have him. I think it changes Kentucky big time.”

”He’s exactly what they need. A been-there-done-that guy. Going through that for years, knowing how to work in college and be in big games, it’s a different level. They haven’t had that in a long time. It’s been young guys trying to figure it out.”

”Reid Travis is going to be up there for player of the year. This guy is going to annihilate guys. He’s doing this on double teams, triple teams. He had no help around him. He’ll lead the country in double-doubles.”

While “going to be up there for player of the year” might be a stretch, this ranking doesn’t really come as a surprise. Travis is a Power 5 all-conference player, proving that by making the All-Pac-12 team at Stanford. Now he’s got the guards and scorers around him to succeed even more at a program that’s going to get him a ton of exposure.

He’s experienced, he’s strong, and he may not be the NBA talent that his teammates are, but he knows how to excel at the college level, and he wants to get better.

North Carolina’s Luke Maye is also on the list, receiving 7 percent of the vote. Check out the whole list—with more quotes—here.

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