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Tyler Herro continues to receive strong post-Bahamas praise

The star scorer has a “humble swagger.”

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Jeremy Chisenhall

Tyler Herro was one of the most obvious stars of the Bahamas tour, as he wound up the leading scorer for the Wildcats (averaging 17.3 points per game) despite starting in just one game.

That’s led to an abundance of praise for Herro following the trip.

Swagger has been one of the terms to define Herro, as evidenced by a recent story from Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald Leader, in which Fran Fraschilla said Herro had a “humble swagger.” The term didn’t stop there.

“How about Tyler Herro’s — I’ll use the term — swagger,” John Calipari said, according to Tipton. “I grabbed him and said, ‘That’s what I want from you.’ I said, ‘I want you to expect every shot to go in.’”

ESPN’s Paul Biancardi also heaped praise on Herro for his scoring ability on ESPN Louisville.

“I expect Tyler Herro to make buckets,” Biancardi said. “I mean, that’s what he does. He’s a long-range shooter, he’s a mid-range pull-up, spectacular. And you know what? He understands how to get open. Simple things like moving without the ball, he makes beautiful backdoor cuts.”

Biancardi also said that Herro would “blend in well,” and that he’d work well with the superstar talent around him because he fits in as the standout shooter, despite the fact that he’s the lowest-rated recruit among the freshman stars.

“All these guys, whether you’re ranked No. 10 or No. 30, you have to understand, you’re one of the most elite players in the country,” Biancardi said. “So it’s up to those guys to decide where they’re going to fit in.

“Just because people say, ‘Well he was the lowest-ranked guy in the class,’ that means nothing. He’s still a top 30 player. He’s a guy who I pictured that, just like all the rest, would come in and start.”

Herro has already exceeded the early expectations. Now when Kentucky returns to play in its final preseason exhibitions and the opening game against Duke, he’ll have a lot more pressure on him.

We’ll see if he can maintain that “humble swagger,” but there’s no doubt he’s going to be an integral part of Kentucky’s championship aspirations.

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