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Ashton Hagans: Graduating early to get to UK is ‘one of the best times in my life’

Hagans had a lot of work to put in in the classroom to get to this point.

Ashton Hagans made the decision that more and more future college basketball players are making these days, electing to finish high school early and get to the college level a year before their original graduation date.

In an interview with the Covington News, Hagans and his family gave some insight into just how much it took to get Hagans to Kentucky a year early.

“It’s like the greatest relief ever,” Marvin Hagans, Ashton’s father said, according to Gabriel Stovall of the Covington News. “It was so hard because Ashton was doing both years at the same time. But he stayed focused and he really started to understand the things I’ve been trying to tell him, and once that happened I knew he was going to do it.”

Hagans had to take five extra classes this year, including a virtual class, in order to complete both his junior and senior year at the same time.

“It’s probably one of the best times in my life,” Hagans said, according to Stovall. “I finished my last class and turned in my last bit of work [Thursday]. I had to finish a test and finish my online class before I could do anything else. But when it was finished we had the cap and gown ready and just went to take pictures.”

Hagans was doing all the extra coursework in addition to workouts and AAU ball in preparation to play college basketball next year.

Hagans committed to Kentucky April 10. The 6-4 point guard is a five-star prospect and was the No. 1 point guard in the 2019 class before his reclassification.

Be sure to read Stovall’s full interview here.

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